Holistic London

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Holistic London

Aiming to change the industry with conscientious, traceable actions.
Designed as a responsible and sustainable scented candle, room spray, or diffuser. For the benefit, of all the people involved, in producing or experiencing, their carefully crafted products.

Holistic London is an independent home fragrance and lifestyle brand, founded by husband-and-wife duo Julieta & Adrian in 2019. Pending Certified B Corp, they crafted products, they believed were missing in the market; focusing on clean, sustainable, and transformative experiences, for all involved in the creation, or enjoyment of their products.


First creation of Soy wax aroma therapy candles in 2019, developed using data insight and research; looking into the connection between cognitive function, and the olfactory system, by using the purest oils, to help you relax, sleep, boost your mood, or create a more balancing atmosphere.

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