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Popular white table candles needed “a bit of shaping”.
Nordtrice, brings original designs, and color combinations.
Established in 2021 out of a passion for Scandinavian design and colors.
A women-owned candle-making company based in Copenhagen, Denmark.



Striving for a conscientious approach to sustainable products and beautiful design, all candles, are handmade in their factory, and produced from the highest quality ingredients vegan stearin wax.

As a bestseller among her Danish customers; it started with a box of 10 colorfully decorated, dip-dye candles.
Continuing their original dip-dye designs, Nordtrice adds new inspiration and colors, with interior design and scented candles creations, bringing color to every home.


Nordtrice is taking part in tradeshows and markets across Denmark. From the beginning of 2022 we have started spreading creativity through the youngest ones and organised circular candle workshops.

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