Dorothy Roffat

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Dorothy Roffat

Skincare created for all skin types. Eco-friendly, Sustainable, refillable, and NOT tested on animals. Plastic free, chemical free, untreated handmade bamboo packaging and brushes.


Each bamboo brush and beauty packaging is made by hand, like a jewel.  Cosmetic formulations of premium quality. No animal testing, and dermatologically tested.

Makeup Line

The personal inclusive makeup line with her name, serves as her sign of approval. Dorothy Roffat, a professional makeup artist, recognized brand ambassador, representing brands on runways shows, for Givenchy, and Kenzo. As well as in showcasing MAC, in their Champs Elysée flagship store.


Knowledgeable of what was truly needed in comparison to what was being provided on the beauty, and cosmetic market; this brought her to innovate. Bringing an entirely new approach to formulations, and creating a brand packaging; proud to carry her name, available for all skin types and skin tones.
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