How we can help you

Celestins Agency brings the most unique and sought-after, interior design, home, gift, publishing, lifestyle, wellness, and beauty brands to valuable retailers, and our partners across the globe.

Find the perfect products for your retail store at Celestins Agency.
Our selection includes both popular best-sellers and new and unique items that fit your niche.

With thousands of stores globally, we operate across a wide range of sectors; Hotels, Restaurants, Spas, Museums, Giftshops, Ecommerce platforms, and Traditional Retailers.

Our curation of partnered brands are perfect for cross over sales potential; delivering a high sell through and added consumer value.

We offer expert advice and support to help you make the right buying decisions. Shop wholesale with Celestins Agency and find the perfect products for your store.

Your Celestins Agency managers take a consultative approach. Advising and suggesting brands and products that complement your selection and sell well in your geography. Valuing long-term relationships, we have established with tens of thousands of retailers across the globe.

Viewing ourselves as true partners, we working for the success of our retailers’ businesses. Offering relevant and timely insights on everything from product trends, selling onboarding and brand activations, assortment selection, and merchandising techniques.

Our groups region managers use a consultative approach to help our retailers grow sales and deepen relationships with their customers.

In short, our network is global.
It takes time building a new brand in new markets.
Pleasant surprises in sales growth are nice, but we rely on a process that works. Brands that create beautiful products know the effort it takes to make something well and being consistent.

No magic wand appears at the snap of a finger making a lightning sale. First we follow our plans in actions, required in making a brand a success in  new markets or regions. Even when there is already an interest for your brand, our baseline for measured success is known over time.