Kohl Kreatives

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Home of the original motor disability support makeup brushes.
An independent and inclusive beauty brand, that empowers people; through the power of makeup.

The first beauty tool brand that champions inclusivity through innovative design and access to beauty for all.

Back to Beauty

Our aim is to bring the basics back to beauty for everyone, so they can feel good about themselves on a daily basis; we teach them simple techniques to improve their self-esteem and help them reintegrate into society. Additionally, we cater to individuals with existing conditions, such as: alopecia, vitiligo and port wine birthmarks. We also work towards helping individuals with severe scarring or burns, as a result of accidents.

Eye Brush Kit

Feast Your Eyes, the perfect 6 piece eye brush kit with a non rolling cuboid handle and support for identification for those with visual impairments. Comes with a handy audio guide!

The Flex Collection is a bespoke set of 5 makeup brushes that bend all the way forwards and backwards allowing the user to apply makeup in a way that’s comfortable for them. These brushes are perfect for everyone, even those who struggle with motor disabilities!

Sensitive Skin

At Kohl Kreatives we believe your make-up brush should function the way you want it to! Use any of our brushes, in any product, absolutely anywhere!

A super soft synthetic fibre technology was designed with sensitive skin in mind, while creating a flawless finish! The world’s first standing brushes with an easy grip handle – say bye to constant chaos as we have the perfect storage solution. 

Dorothy Roffat